Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vintage Fashion....made so easy....

Fashion Magazines are reporting that ruffles and lace are in!! When did they go out? I must admit I love and have always loved this style. My first Prom dress was by GUINNE SAX JESSICA McCLINTOCK ...anyone remember that brand? I looked like I was going out for a part in "Little House on the Prairie". My husband calls them grannie dresses. I call them comfortable and pretty! My daughter's catalogs have also been advertising lots of lace and ruffles. Everything seems to come back around. Pictured is a top from the Alloy Catalog..she loves all their clothes..This top is $32.50 actually pretty good... but I created one nearly like it for $0.
Alloy Top

I started with a plain black t-shirt I already had .....and a top I had bought
this summer ..sometime in the washing ....a tear appeared!!
Old Fashion Rocks 10 Old Fashion Rocks 5
I thought the collar on the lace top looked similar to the top from the catalog. I first placed the black t-shirt under the lace top...
pining just above the ruffle.Old Fashion Rocks 20

Once I had pinned all around edge of ruffle.Old Fashion Rocks 21
I stitched around the top edge of the ruffle, making sure not to catch the underneath side of the t-shirt.I then stitched around the top edge of the collar.
Old Fashion Rocks 22 Once the top edge and ruffled edges were stitched I carefully began to cut away the excess shirt just below the ruffle. Old Fashion 24 For a little accent, I added pearl buttons from another lace blouse down the center front.
Old Fashion Rocks 24 My final step...I trimmed away the excess t-shirt fabric, from just above the top edge of the lace top.Old Fashion Rocks 25 Fast..Easy..Cute and best of all FREE!

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