Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Get off the Sofa!!

Start early...don't wait until Jan. 1, 2010!
Do it now!
I had just watched Julie/Julia the movie and
decided I needed to get up and running again.
No, a retail shop I started 4 months ago with
my friend, wasn't enough...I had to find
something else to start...I needed to
Repurose myself!
The loves of my life, Son, has moved away to Nashville
chasing his dream to become a musician. The
daughter has now been happily married for 7 months
and graduates with a degree in May.
Husband of nearly 27 years retires in 2 days.
And ME....well let's see what happens from here.

My Likes:
Old things, good things, shiny things,
designing clothes, reinventing, painting, thrift stores,
traveling, writing, teaching, one of a kind items
Repurposing Everyday Things!!!!

First Repurpose
the Blog Header you see above!

I first found my blog background on

love her designs ....check them out...some are free!

I wasn't happy with the way the blog header design looked
with the title of the blog..loved the design but it was just to crowded.
Then I saw this sofa ad in an old magazine.
I cut the sofa out, scanned the copy, did a bit of photo enhancing
and I had designed my first blog header!

The sofa reminded me of so many things:
  1. Get off the Couch and get busy
  2. The design in the blog background itself.
  3. Curious of my favorite blogs.
Curious Sofa is one of the most inspiring blogs.
It is also a retail store in Kansas!!!
She shares pictures, ideas and so much more.
Go now ....don't have to see it!!!!!