Monday, September 27, 2010

Where is it .....that time goes when it flies?

Can it be possible that I started this new blog months ago...and I have not posted since March..and now it is nearly October! 
The painting above is funny in so many ways.....
First I had an unexpected surgery at the end of May...
I came home from the hospital late on a Tuesday evening.  By Saturday I was going crazy...I talked my
husband into taking me to Hobby Lobby to buy supplies for a painting project I had not got around to creating.
Sunday I was up and ready to paint!!! And this is what
I came up with ....My inspiration was a vintage postcard I had seen online.  Now when I painted this  on June 6th...I had no idea how much my life would be changing.  My friend and I closed down our wonderful little store we had just a year before started. And on the very day I announced the closing, I received an email from my old boss...asking if I could work part-time for the summer.  So in June I went back to work.  Now it is October and I am still working and this is the first time I have had time to post on the blog...or took the TIME!  I knew when I painted the little clock and added the words....June, October, Monday, Friday .... that I was just simply the months and days just fly by....but I had NO idea..that in June I would be back at a job I am loving and it would be October before I would share this little painting with anyone.  Enjoy!