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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas is for Kids

It's a Griswold Christmas in the hallway!!
I've been collecting vintage glass ornaments and tree toppers all year,  I had first planned to place the tree toppers on garland coming down the staircase....but decided to place them in the tree.
Once that was ....full on Griswold Christmas.....Blow mold Santa's.....Mechanical Reindeer and Santa and a blinking Merry Christmas Sign....... Done...a fun...bright...Kids Tree!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


 Today was the most fun.  Claire and Debbie gave Savannah Kay a baby shower.

They choose the most adorable location .....Pinkitzels in Oklahoma City.

It is darling....every inch is well thought out  and visually it is over the top fun!!!
I am so glad we have something so fresh here in Oklahoma City. chocolate....vanilla tea were served in the black and white room. 

The tables were set with violet accents..of course!!

  There were lots of  Violet's Auntie Angels in attendance! 

  The gifts were precious and so appreciated. 

Below find more photos of Pinkitzels...Enjoy...
And visit there'll love it.

Cupcake Counter

So Cute!

Savannah and Claire

Giant Candy Counter....Yummy!

Beautiful lighting

Darling baby gifts

Christmas Decorations Galore!

Taylor, Savannah and man in Pink..itzels!

Mary Beth, Savannah and Emily

The girls at Pinkitzels were darling 
and so so sweet!

A great time with wonderful friends.

MacKenzie and Diana 

 Circus Room