Saturday, April 16, 2011

Treasure's Galore....

The past week I have had way to much fun....treasure hunting.  Searching in thrift stores, antique shops and estate sales.
I found a broad range of goodies....
From Poodles, Teacups, Dolls, Books... to a beautiful lithograph of Our Lady of Fatima.
 Poodles and a patriotic figurine for me, 
 I had the larger drummer boy and came across the darling one on the right at the Flea Market in Shawnee...I couldn't believe it!!!

teacups for a friends 2 year old grand daughters birthday party,  a nurse doll for a young friend in nursing school, two darling 1950's elves, 

books to sale and the lithograph for my parlor area.  I have had the best with friends and my husband,  who actually really enjoyed a fun new antique store I found the other day.  With it being a week before Easter.....I think my efforts should be toward a new dress for Violet and preparing for our family Easter gathering. "wink wink"

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