Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shady White Wednesday

I am so drawn to all kinds of lampshade silhouettes.  How fun would it be to design and create lampshades?  It must be a wonderful job.   Bending wire into interesting shapes and then dressing them with beautiful fabrics. 

I have had these white lamps on the
  black sofa table forever, 
they have been all over the house. 
Now placed in one of my favorite spots in the family room,  they add nice lighting over the sofa.

My grandmother would probably not understand this display of her lampshades....
 The fabric came off many years ago and I have  thought many times about covering them..so glad I haven't.

I'm not sure why....but I can't walk away from a vintage lamp shade...
they are just great looking...
such pretty lines and shapes..
they get me every time!!  

Joining White Wednesday again this week...
Check it out...so many pretties!
Thank you Kathleen for hosting.


  1. Such pretty and unique lampshades! Thank you for your kind visit and comment on my blog.
    Happy White Wednesday!
    - Susan

  2. I love naked wire shades and am working on something fun with them for the Christmas season. Yours are very creative and cool.

  3. Hi Bobbie! I love the lamp shade display, a very unique way to show something like that! I like how it looks without the fabric!

  4. Such a beautiful way to display your shades. In an answer to your question, yes, I used acrylic metallic paint.


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