Monday, August 29, 2011

Strut Your Stuff Monday

Throughout the week, I like many others..and I know you're out there, visit antique shops, hunt in thrift stores,  dig at great garage sales and just look for bargains anywhere you can find them. 

And if you are like me I can't wait to show friends and family my fun finds and tell them about the great deals. So, I have decided that my Mondays here at My Creative Life Diary will be a day I post about what I have found in the previous week. 

"Strut Your Stuff Monday" 

Adding to my small collection of wedding cake toppers ....I found this darling vintage bank at a fun antique mall in the side is the new bride and groom and the other is....well you get the idea.  Love!  

Wanting to change up my Halloween decorations..
this masquerade doll ..found at The Rink will give me the inspiration I need to get started.

 Ok...the truth is I did find this great clock this past week...only here at the house.  Forgot I had bought it several months ago.  Maybe I should go shopping in the closet more often.

 Way to early for Easter Decor...but I could not resist the chick above.  Plan on adding a paper hat and ruffles to this little guy.

 The mini couple above are the perfect size for a
cupcake wedding topper.  They are just darling.  LOVE!

 Now, for my Mini Pearl moment...I ask Mister Mister to go by Home Depot to see if the chandelier I saw last week was still there.  He did was the last one..
Once it was removed from display, he was told it was even cheaper..clearance price $44.00 ...then he noticed some of the droplets were missing,  doesn't hurt to ask and he got it for $25.00.  

Thank you for visiting my first...
"Strut Your Stuff Monday" 
Drop me a note, I would love to see some of your recently purchased treasures.  
Have a great week and happy hunting!

A big Thank You to 
Debbie for hosting 
"Monday Newbie Party"
check it out so many great creative people..
it's incredible!


  1. I love this blog, Miss Bobbie!
    Not only do you have such cool things to show us, you have photographed them beautifully!
    Your newest follower,
    Rikka J.
    Ricochet and Away!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing your thrifty finds. I'm attaching a link to a post about cute dessert glasses I found out thrifting. I think you'll enjoy it. :)

  3. Hi Bobbie. thank you for stopping by my blog! Great to come here and find someone else that needs to go shopping in the closet! I am guilty too...
    Love the clock!!


  4. Hi Bobbie! Welcome to blogging! Nice to meet you! Love your finds - especially your $25 chandelier!

    I'm your newest follower; found you via Debbie.

  5. Bobbie,
    I love your blog and Katie and I both loved the invitations you made. Thank you so much for help Becky!

  6. Hey Bobbie..this is chris from your blog is fantastic and those are some fabulous finds! That chandelier is also a fantastic deal, I actually own the same one! The appliques I used on my armoire are from I hope this helps!! Keep up the great work.

  7. Oh my....a 25 dollar chandelier! YUM! Thanks for stopping by to say HI to me at Yellow Brick Road. Thought I would make a visit to your spot! Glad I did....and I am your newest follower!

  8. What great finds! Can't believe you got the chandelier for only $25. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog!

  9. So happy you joined in Bobbie. I see you all over commenting and having a great time making new friends. Thanks so much, and see you next week.

  10. That was indeed a great shop! You bought that beautiful chandelier for just $25.


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