Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Words Just Flew Right Off The Page

It started out like many of my other collections...I found one antique book...then another.  Now they have all taken over the antique black cabinet in our family room.

  Sometimes it's the artwork others it's the content...tattered, faded and long out of print, they all have character.

The sweet little framed prints are used to embellish the books. 

Most of my antique books came from thrift stores.
None are probably worth much more then I paid for them.  

The book displayed under glass is one of my favorites....
"How And What To Read"
The four books to either side are part of a volume of Mark Twain books....
still looking for others to complete the set.

Perched on top is a dollar store bird that I decoupaged using newspaper.  I always thought it would be funny to put a little sign next to the bird saying
"This book was so good the words just flew right off the page!"

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  1. You have to make that little sign for the perfect!!

    Wanted to say thanks for the smiles and laughs today. I had a lot of fun and you are still the sweetest little inspiration to me!!


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