Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Simply White

When bringing out my Halloween boxes I noticed these white pumpkins I bought years ago.  I'm sure I had some wonderful idea.."haha" planned for them.

Does finding forgotten things years later, feel like they are free to anyone else?  Well, it does to me.... and I am  glad I didn't get around to using them then. 

They are made from a foam product and are light weight, they are so easy to work with.
I used items from around the house to embellish each pumpkin.
 I choose to wrap one with a white polka  dot ribbon,  the other glued strands of pearls along the vertical lines and covered the last one with a round crochet table scarf.

I love the sweet clean look....
.now off to finish the entire vignette. 

If you are out browsing....please stop by these great parties...so much creativity!! 

Beyond The Picket Fence


  1. These are utterly romantic. I think the soft lighting really helps establish the mood, too. Your pumpkins are beautiful. andrea@townandprairie

  2. The pumpkins turned out so cute. I think the lace one is my favorite.

  3. Love this idea! Very simple and clean... I may try it in my own home.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. The pumkins are adorable Bobbie! I wish we had haloween here...it looks like sooo much fun!!


  5. These are wonderful. I think the one with the faux pearls is my favorite.

    Visiting from Coastal Charm.


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