Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finding my way back.....

Kimberly York Smith

Since last October I have struggled with the staying in the loop with my blogging.   I feel awful about not posting photos of our workshops and keeping up with following my favorite creative artists.While I let these things go to the way side....I am now trying to play catch up.  I am filling in the gaps.  While it is fun to look back is there a lot to do.

I am now paying the penalty for doing this.  Blogger has changed its format ugh!  Driving me crazy....Change is so hard for me.  I fumble through loading photos and linking.  Silly, because it really isn't that different. 

Then no more!!
Oh my gosh....I was so spoiled...loved picnick ...loved picnick!!  Now trying to figure out I  like it.  But I find myself ....playing...changing...
playing/editing some more and before I know it a hour has gone by.  
Gotta stop that! 

Savannah, Rita, Melissa, Liz, Lori , Becky and Anita

So for those of you that were in Christmas and Winter workshops, please take a peek back at the updates.  We had such a great time....hoping for more.

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