Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!
to all of you sweet mommas and

 The inside of this darling card from
 my daughter, Savannah

"Thoughts of one 
will always remind me
of the other"

Isn't that the truth .... when we think of home
doesn't the thought of your mother pop into your head....Always!!!

Love this sweetly embroidered and 
oh, so going in a frame!!! 
 I will cherish it forever!

Update: now in vintage frame in my studio! 

My sweet son, Randy gave me the funny card this year...It is the most perfect card ever!!!
so so funny...


A cookout at Violet's great grandparents home and
being with my kids...
well, my Mother's Day was just beautiful!



The loves of my life.....
My husband, Randy and my sweet granddaughter Violet Marie.
"Mother's Day 2012"

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  1. So glad to see you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I've missed seeing all your creative things on the blog... but I completely understand - life is ALWAYS so busy!! Kiss pretty Miss Violet for me and tell your sweet hubby I said hello!



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