Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

Memorial Weekend was spent like many families celebrating the freedom and the gratitude we have for those that have served our country.   Because of those that have served, my family enjoyed a weekend that started with a luncheon with our son and his girlfriend.  An overnight visit with our granddaughter and dinner with friends at a great little french cafe'.  Watching Thunder Basketball and a cook out with friends on Sunday.  Today a fun trip into OKC to the Paseo Art Festival.  We enjoyed the talents of many artists...original artwork, vintage clothing,  live music and  It was a wonderful Memorial Weekend.

We  happened upon this magical place in the Paseo Art District.

Theater Upon A Star Dance Swan


There were wonderful performers.

Fun projects were being created...paper plate fairies!

Once your artwork was completed you were ask to tell a story and inspiration for your creation.

Along this much whimsy!

The window display was so really did the trick....It lured me in for sure!

This delight character was just one of the many dolls just hanging around.

Theater Upon A Star Dance Swan

The best part of our day ....... Bekah, our son's girlfriend joined us
on our walk through the art show and lunch.  
She is precious....her energy and smile is contagious.
She is a hat girl and I couldn't resist putting on the vintage crown.

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