Friday, November 30, 2012

Angel Wing Class

Toy Drive for  Children's Hospital
We had the best group of ladies take part in this years
toy drive held at the Paper Crown in Oklahoma City.  I was so excited when Cindy said we needed to prepare for over 15 participates!!!  Each one of the ladies brought wonderful toys, books and so much fun to the evening.  

 I made many new friends on this evening.  Eleven of the ladies,
I had never had in class before and two of our guests
were new to the classes and storeWe had ladies that even drove in from Tulsa to be a part of the toy drive and to create their beautiful angel wings.

Paper Crown's very own Jackie attended and was such a doll as
alwaysDuring the evening....she slipped a little goodie bag into my supply box..... Once home I opened the beautiful green ribbon tied bag.  Inside was a darling handmade journal and along with the sweetest note from her.
Forever the thoughtful one....Thank you so much, Jackie!

Flying solo tonight, Johnnie and her beautiful wings.
We missed her daughter, Kay!! Hoping to see more
of her in the coming year.

Let the party start....Robin's in the Room!!!!!
So much fun...never a dull moment ....always smiling and trying to make everyone else do the same!    
She is an angel...though she would probably not like me to say
so.  Before leaving she gave me a quick hug and handed me a little sack. Inside the little sack ..... a hand stitched pouch with a heart appliqued to the front..... Inside the little pouch a beautiful pair of earrings!!!!
Thank you so much sweet friend!
I love them!

These two darling the left my daughter, Savannah and to the right Taylor.  These two meet while going to school at OU.  They are sorority sisters....great friends and now both married with babies. 
 So much fun to see them have a girls night out!!!

 Anita Ray.. my go to person tonight.
Anita always the helpful one...Thank you for
helping me with the letters.

Thank you again to all the ladies that attended tonight's
class and for the toys you brought.  Randy and I will be delivering the toys you have donated to Children's Hospital in the next couple of days.  I know the nurses will be so excited to see what you have sent to them to give to the kids.    
And a big THANK YOU to Cindy..Paper Crown
for donating her time and the classroom to have the
Angel Wing Class/Toy Drive!
She wore several hats during the evening...
Store owner, baby sitter, helpful assistant and much more.
It was kinda of a late night and I so appreciate that she is always so kind and patient when a class runs a little long.  You're the best...Cindy!

Just one more huge thank you...
to my precious husband 
and his assistant, my dad....thank you
thank you for cutting out 17
pairs of angel wings and for always saying YES! 


  1. Bobbie! You doll!

    What a wonderful project that you devoted so much time and effort for us! I really enjoyed you and the group.

    Looking forward to next time!

  2. Looks like fun! Wish I could have been there!

  3. Oh Bobbie! I'm sad I had to miss this one as I always love your classes! Plus, to have several of the ladies I adore - there creating - oh, this was one NOT to miss! I'm looking forward to what you have in store for the new year!


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