Monday, December 3, 2012

Party of ONE!

Have a box party!!

My inspiration was the darling new October Afternoon Christmas paper from the Paper Crown.  It is so fun....I knew exactly what I wanted to create when I saw it!!!  Little mini shadow boxes, ornaments, and gift tags.

(pictured: chip letter box, ornament boxes, tiny jewelry boxes, cookie box, coffee tin, ribbon rolls and wooden candle lid)

  So yesterday, I got out some boxes I had been saving and gathered up some miscellaneous  Christmas trinkets.  

I had so much fun adding tinsels, chenille stems and of course glitter to the boxes.  

Each box takes on a whole new look.  I can't hardly
stand to throw out such fun boxes!

The boxes with the little windows make great
little mini shadow boxes!!


It may be paper by October Afternoon and feel like October here in Oklahoma, but creating these fun little boxes helped put me in the holiday spirit!! 

Plastic candle stick and cardboard ribbon roll
and a little glitter!

 I think this would make a great little holiday decoration for a desk with limited space.

Adding ribbon, glitter and tinsel to tiny little boxes, create the cutest ornaments!!!

Yes, it's a cookie box....
found at the Family Dollar store!!!
 I removed the plastic window, adding paper, a tree, tiny ornaments, glitter and tinsel!!!

 Oh, and by the way the cookies are pretty good TOO!

I hope some of you will follow my lead...only this time invite some friends over and make it a BOX PARTY!!! Have them bring some fun boxes and bits and pieces of tinsel, chenille stems etc.  
The possibilities are endless with this paper!!!!
Best Wishes,


  1. Too cute Bobbie! cindy

  2. Bobbie, Thank you so much for calling me over to look at these adorable shadowboxes. I must make a stop at the dollar store for the cute cookie boxes! I have had such fun looking through previous posts. So much to inspire here! Elizabeth

  3. So very creative - you have me looking at empty boxes in a whole new way!!!

  4. And, WHEN did you have time to make these?? haha Adorable!

  5. can you please share the instructions on how to make these & tips on where to find the small objects like the ones you used. I especially like how you re-did BW's chipboard box.


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