Monday, April 16, 2012

A view from my back door......

Today while standing in my kitchen I caught this view out my back door. 

 It was just beautiful.  
I just had to stop and take a photograph.

I am always telling my friends how lucky they are for one
thing or another...but today girls...I am the lucky one.
No further than my backdoor and look....
such beauty.

This Wisteria has grown up into a large dead tree in our
back yard area.  We lost the tree to an awful ice storm
several years ago.  When it hadn't been cut down in the spring,
the Wisteria began to grow up through it....and has
each year since.

I did find out today that the start for this beautiful
Wisteria came from my grandparents home over
40 years ago.  
If they could only see it now.