Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

Memorial Weekend was spent like many families celebrating the freedom and the gratitude we have for those that have served our country.   Because of those that have served, my family enjoyed a weekend that started with a luncheon with our son and his girlfriend.  An overnight visit with our granddaughter and dinner with friends at a great little french cafe'.  Watching Thunder Basketball and a cook out with friends on Sunday.  Today a fun trip into OKC to the Paseo Art Festival.  We enjoyed the talents of many artists...original artwork, vintage clothing,  live music and  It was a wonderful Memorial Weekend.

We  happened upon this magical place in the Paseo Art District.

Theater Upon A Star Dance Swan


There were wonderful performers.

Fun projects were being created...paper plate fairies!

Once your artwork was completed you were ask to tell a story and inspiration for your creation.

Along this much whimsy!

The window display was so really did the trick....It lured me in for sure!

This delight character was just one of the many dolls just hanging around.

Theater Upon A Star Dance Swan

The best part of our day ....... Bekah, our son's girlfriend joined us
on our walk through the art show and lunch.  
She is precious....her energy and smile is contagious.
She is a hat girl and I couldn't resist putting on the vintage crown.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finding my way back.....

Kimberly York Smith

Since last October I have struggled with the staying in the loop with my blogging.   I feel awful about not posting photos of our workshops and keeping up with following my favorite creative artists.While I let these things go to the way side....I am now trying to play catch up.  I am filling in the gaps.  While it is fun to look back is there a lot to do.

I am now paying the penalty for doing this.  Blogger has changed its format ugh!  Driving me crazy....Change is so hard for me.  I fumble through loading photos and linking.  Silly, because it really isn't that different. 

Then no more!!
Oh my gosh....I was so spoiled...loved picnick ...loved picnick!!  Now trying to figure out I  like it.  But I find myself ....playing...changing...
playing/editing some more and before I know it a hour has gone by.  
Gotta stop that! 

Savannah, Rita, Melissa, Liz, Lori , Becky and Anita

So for those of you that were in Christmas and Winter workshops, please take a peek back at the updates.  We had such a great time....hoping for more.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Colette Copeland Cottage

About three weeks ago I was asked by my friend
and talented artist Linda Land to attend
a workshop at the Paper Crown in Oklahoma city.
Colette Copeland was going to be teaching several
classes and we had the opportunity to join in the fun.  We would be creating cottages using antique french linen.  I was thrilled!

I met Linda a couple of years ago when
we both worked together.  She is so creative
and I have learned so much from her.  
Check out her blog...her work is amazing. 

The fabrics that Colette bought for us to
use to create our cottages was
hard to pick just one...French Linen...I really hated to even cut into it but she assured me she had already done so .... so it was ok. 
 She is so patient and kind in her teaching 
and has such a giving heart.
When I asked Colette what inspired her to design her cottage .... she told me she loves the little cottages by the sea....cape cod type and little English cottages.  She has traveled and lived in several places around the I am sure she has seen and even stayed  in many a little cottage. 

Colette is a very special gifted lady who
we were so fortunate to have fly into 
Oklahoma to share her ideas, inspirations and creativity.  I was so excited to meet her and hope I am able to attend many more of her classes in the future.

The morning started early at the Paper Crown
and flew by while I enjoyed meeting the girls that were also attending the class.  
They were all so fun and very creative. 
Jackie who helps Cindy at the Paper Crown...she is the most energetic person I have ever met .  She made the darling name tags you see us wearing and the most delicious beautiful cookies you have ever seen.  Jackie is the class cheerleader/encourager, photographer...she wears many hats  and have you seen her blog.... take a peek here....

It was a great day at The Paper Crown.
Thank you Cindy and to those who made our special Colette Copeland Cottage Class possible!! 

A big thank you to Jackie for making the photos in this post possible.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!
to all of you sweet mommas and

 The inside of this darling card from
 my daughter, Savannah

"Thoughts of one 
will always remind me
of the other"

Isn't that the truth .... when we think of home
doesn't the thought of your mother pop into your head....Always!!!

Love this sweetly embroidered and 
oh, so going in a frame!!! 
 I will cherish it forever!

Update: now in vintage frame in my studio! 

My sweet son, Randy gave me the funny card this year...It is the most perfect card ever!!!
so so funny...


A cookout at Violet's great grandparents home and
being with my kids...
well, my Mother's Day was just beautiful!



The loves of my life.....
My husband, Randy and my sweet granddaughter Violet Marie.
"Mother's Day 2012"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A look back....

I started collecting these beautiful silver trays when we were planning my daughter's wedding.  I had all intentions of selling all the pieces afterwards.  Just can't let them go.  I have some real attachment issues.  Anyway, I  love using them when giving the workshops.  This is one of my favorite photos.

The birds were used to create this pink
Christmas cone.  We made this along  with three other projects at the 
Holiday All Day Workshop.