Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So Much Better Later

This 14" glass jar had paint chipped, seams running down the middle and was very shinny... so why did I buy it.  Hmmmm....have had it forever...I can't remember why or what I had planned to do with it...however last night I did something with it.  I covered the poor little glass jar in jute....I have plans to add a fun honey pot tag and place on back patio!

 Update....Honey tag added!

 So Much Better Later and
 now on my back patio!!!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Before and After : Bird Cage Shelf

 I would love to say I found this great "vintage look" bird cage shelf at a thrift store or estate sale.  But the truth is I found it at a Ross store.  But I just knew when I saw it,  I had to have it.  
So much potential.

 A little spray paint, foam board, fabric......

....... a couple of vintage book pages, 
fancy ribbon from the Paper Crown
and spindles wrapped in chenille stems. 

I was so excited to hang it in my
studio and it fit perfectly under
a wall sconce.  It now makes a wonderful open shelf for my bottles of glitter.

Okay I'm not afraid to admit it ....
I LOVE GLITTER....So much glitter.
I even bought a shelf....yes just for my glitter.
And I haven't even begun to fill it with all the bottles.

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