Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Creative Space

Welcome to 
Where I Create...

After several years of having my studio in
an upstairs bedroom...I now find myself moving downstairs.  This is the process of putting together my new creative space.  Enjoy!

 Before.....Taking down the parlour.
After......Still in the process ....but getting there.
We Added...Burlap walls, painted furniture and
a center counter island. 
We still need.... vintage windows and posts for entry. 
 I need to... make curtains and finish placing found treasures on top shelf.
I want to....start creating something FUN.
We covered the walls in burlap.  One wall we even covered twice.  "Long story....for another time."  We used burlap trim to hide the staples and seams.  This part of the remodel was time consuming really tested our patience...
but Randy really was a trooper and wouldn't let me give up....he did what it took to make it work. 
The towers on either side of the vintage dresser were from a old cherry wood entertainment unit found on Craigslist.  Randy painted them to match the other pieces of furniture.  I love the glass can see through to the pretty glass jars filled with colorful reminds me of a sweet candy counter.   
Note to self: Paint top of towers!!

Glass containers are my favorite to use.  Again..
so easy to see what supplies I have on hand.
 I bought this metal bird cage shelf at Ross.
I knew then I would be painting and jazzing it up a bit.  It now looks like a little stage for glitter!
 The black and gold antique ceiling fixture before was a wonderful $5.00 thrift store find.  Although beautiful....just a little to ornate for the new studio.  Again, calling on Mister, Mister...he helped create this  glammed up vintage lamp shade and   chandelier  to make one light fixture.  It is one of my favorite updates to the room.
This cabinet is another one of those craigslist finds.  It is a built in from an old home.  We painted it to match our  trim in the room. It fits perfectly on the east wall & has lots of storage favorite part ..of course!
When we built our home.....I just insisted on having this wrap around shelf.

 So glad I did,  never dreaming I would be collecting vintage wedding cake toppers...along with anything that catches my eye. 
Funny thirteen years ago ....I thought plants would be nice along the edge. was I thinking.
P.S.  The plants never happened.

I use just about anything to store
supplies or found treasures.
This lamp is doing double duty by carrying the weight of five white paper umbrellas.  I read somewhere that Mary Engelbreit said if you think something looks to busy...make it busier.  I hope the same goes for creative clutter.

A little 
of  this and a little of that.....
and a whole lot of fun!

With my space being a bit small I count on lots of shelves, drawers, and height.  The cabinet shown is also a built in from an old home.  I found it at a small antique store near me.  It is very narrow.  But as you can see it holds lots of baskets for organizing.   It really fits just perfect on this wall. 

The vintage wedding dress is something I found at a thrift store.  It acts as a perfect screen ....hiding the not so pretty printer!

The center island is on rollers and can easily be moved about the room.  And the vintage loveseat makes perfect seating when Mister Mister comes in to see whats next on the list to do!!

A special thanks to my husband...Mister Mister...
for all his help and patience in putting together
a perfect creative space for me.

Thank you for visiting 
Where I Create.....My Creative Life Diary! 

Best Wishes,

Friday, July 13, 2012

Posting late tonight for Saturdays
See you tomorrow!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Fourth!

Wagon rides, hot dogs, swimming, cupcakes, Popsicles , watermelon, fireworks.....

I was going to make this a low key 
Fourth of July Holiday...
no stress..remember those days?
We would have the kids out ... fix a hot dog and do some fireworks.  But I couldn't stand it, I had Randy pull down my decorations for the porch about two hours before the get together.   It did not take anytime to throw them up...and I am glad I did.  They made a fun back drop for photos of
the caption was the fourth!!

It should only take until Christmas for me to recover!!  I wouldn't have it any other way!!
Hoping your holiday was just as wonderful....
Best Wishes, 

The Following photos provided
 by my talented daughter...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Home

Our gardening was put on hold for a couple of months due to some health issues. But 102 degree weather and the fact that it is the last weekend in June didn't stop us from digging out the garden pots.  After which we headed to our local nursery for some great deals on flowers.
Our home looks happy again,  flowers make a home look like it is smiling...
don't you think?
Best Wishes,

Please check out the following parties this week.  Wow much creativity!!