Friday, January 18, 2013

Let's Get Real!

Several months ago I posted a photo of
my newly remodeled studio.

I received several sweet comments.  There
were those that liked this or that about it... and
then those that said they wished their creative
area was as neat and tidy.   Such kind the time I thought, someday
after a marathon of creating....I will show
the after shock!!! 

So let's get real....  

 When I am in that 
mode of rushing around...being all creative!! LOL...
I don't close drawers...     I do the grab and run.
For looks like this.
And worse at times.

 This might not seem so bad to some....a couple of
bottles of glitter have fallen over.  So What?
 The question is, where are all the other bottles that belong there???  Good Question!

Maybe the glitter is....under all these lovely and wonderful treasures on my work station/rolling cart.  

I love this piece...
It has drawers..lots of open space underneath and a great place to hold my paints.  Plus the great butcher block top.  It holds so much.....
to to much!

Glitter found......check!
Along with a variety of other precious creating necessities.  On the kitchen bar area.  It's where I go when I run out of room.  Why does mister mister put up with me?
Exposing my behind the scenes is a good thing.....
I did find my glasses and hair clippie when taking this photo.

 Tossed about vintage books...just  can't help myself.  Finding the right aged page is an art...I'm sure you would agree.   But why is there a red glittered reindeer in this photo?

However, today I am organized and have all the 
supplies located in one area for tomorrow's

I know you might have thought I was going to show 
you the entire studio in "after shock" from afar.....

Let's Get Real....
that would have been way to scary!!!
Have a great weekend.
Best Wishes,



  1. Beautiful studio! Somehow, mine never makes it back to neat - it's always chaos...

  2. haha, I wish you would have...I'm still having the studio envy, wish mine looked this way blues. I haven't had time to straighten anything up. Yikes! Thanks for sharing some of the chaos. Makes me feel a bit better. :o)

  3. Clean or in a state of creativity, I would love to have your work studio! Hope these pictures will inspire me again!!!
    I still love it!!!

  4. Whether it is clean or in a "state of creativity", I will always love your studio! You always inspire me...think I will go and work on my room some more!


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