Tuesday, January 1, 2013


We were married in January of 1983. 
Thirty years of New Year's Days!!
One full month of new beginnings!
 Just Amazing..... 

We have two young friends who are marrying
this year.  Just imagine what the next 30
years holds for them.   In 2043 they will
be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. 
We look forward to seeing all that the coming years have to offer them.   We hope that they are
blessed with as many wonderful memories and special moments as we have had.
  Micah and Leigha
      Garrett and Hannah    


  1. BoBbiE...hi, it's franc...just checked the pC blog, and your new classes sound so fun! Will you post pics of them on your blog, I am certain I want to sign up!...happy new year to you!!!

    1. Hello Franc, Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hoping you had a wonderful holiday!! Photos are all now up....Finally!!! Hope to see you soon....Happy New Year to you TOOOOOO! Best Wishes, Bobbie


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