Saturday, February 2, 2013

Creative Rodeo Sweethearts!!

 Rodeo Sweethearts...

Saturday mornings with this group
are always so much fun...

Lisa and her ever so loyal
creative friend....Debbie!

Karen and her friend Evelyn

Today was Evelyn's first time in class. You would
have never known it....she's a pro.  But having her
sweet talented friend Karen near by doesn't hurt!  

 Friends forever Becky and Anita.....
They have fallen in love with Cindy and The Paper Crown....
just like all of us!!!

 Debbie....always so intent on making it perfect.

This really is a very creative and talented group of girls. 
 Even the ones hiding in the back.
Thank you all so much for making my Saturdays GREAT!!!

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  1. I'm a night person but would gladly crawl out'a bed on a Saturday morn to craft with you guys ... to bad I'm in TN :) Found you through Elizabeth, oh my your creations are wonderful ! Elaine


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