Friday, February 1, 2013

It takes me back....

In the early 80's, 96.1 FM a local radio station
here in Oklahoma City changed formats from classical music to
a country music station.  To bring attention to this
change, the station played 
"You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma" 
over and over for 24 hours.  

Not being a huge country music fan...I thought I would
never listen to that station.  Who knew then, within the year
 I would date and marry a man who .....
made his living in the country music business. 

He has now been my Valentine for 30 years...
I do love that man that loves country music....
however, I'm still a classic rock girl at heart! 

 Tomorrow we will be creating the fun Valentine
 "Rodeo Sweethearts" at
The Paper Crown in Oklahoma city.
Those that will be in attendance,
please remember these supplies...  
Glue gun, glue sticks, and scissors.
See you at 11:00.


  1. This is sooooooooooo flippin" cute! Not a big country fan either - LOL, but this makes me smile from ear to ear!

  2. Oh Bobbie, I so remember that! I loved that station and we were so bummed.

    I do love country music though. I want to hear more about your husband and his music!

    I love this project, wish I could be there!

  3. I wish you offered kits for those of us who live so far away!!! Your creations are amazing! !

  4. I'm so disappointed to miss this class today! I just love it. Have fun! :)

  5. I Vote KITS too!
    \ \


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