Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April...where did February go?


 February flew by around here.....
Classes, Valentine's Day and so many birthdays, kept me very busy.
Of course the most important birthday being Violet's .....
Since she was born on Valentine's Day ....
we make hearts a part of her family birthday party at Pop and Poppie's house!!

 TWO...is a very special number this year!!!

I love this little hint that she couldn't wait until later to have cake!


 She loved the balloons even more the morning after.  Closer to the ground!

"Birthday Party at Violet's house"
This photo is funny for two reasons....she doesn't give kisses very often and when someone said to her little friend Tripp...give Violet a birthday Kiss!
Violet leaned over to him....What?

Her mommie ordered these huge balloons and had handmade confetti placed inside.  Violet thought they were so big she could hide behind them.   I caught her watching guests come through the front door.

No fancy party hat for the birthday girl at this party...
just a simple felt crown.

Sneaking just little bites.

Time is flying by....we are enjoying every minute!

Best Wishes,


  1. It is so important to do have these wonderful memories...my youngest was 29 today, and I swear I do not know how this happened! :) Wonderful party!

  2. Adorable! My niece didn't used to give kisses too freely either - you felt honored to get one. Now she's happy to give one, when you ask. Looks like a beautiful birthday party for Violet.

  3. Violet is adorable - she reminds me of her Poppie!

  4. Wonderful pictures! I love the both of the birthday signs and the giant balloons with the streamer tails.. and of course, Violet is just beautiful! Looks like a perfect day for all involved!

  5. Oh Lordy!

    ALL OF IT!!!!

    Gorgeous cake,


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