Monday, April 15, 2013


I have been meaning to post these photos
 of one of our latest projects forever 
We have been doing a little
remodeling/redecorating in the master bedroom.

We started with the headboard.
I loved it when we got it several years ago.  
But we needed a
 instead of purchasing a new headboard
we repurposed the old one.
Randy disassembled the heavily craved posts

and removed all the center iron work.
"To be used in another project soon"

He painted the frame a beautiful creamy white.
Then added some smaller posts to the end caps, painting them as well. 

Joining two sheets of poster board together I had
here at the house.  Then drawing around the frame
to make a pattern. 

We covered the cutout poster board with a foam pad.
Wrapped it in a linen fabric.  Randy attached it to the backside with small nails.

 So much.....


  1. LOOKs great! what a good idea.
    happy monday!

  2. Oh wow, what a lovely transformation for the headboard! :) Happy new week! xx Holly


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