Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Susan!

 When I was pared with Susan, we emailed each other.  After a couple of emails it was clear to me that she is a wonderful mother and grandmother.  She spends several days a week helping with her
 precious grandbabie's at her daughters home.

 So,  I decided early on to have a  
Mother's Day theme in Susan's honor!!!

Lower left hand corner of the box...
glittered crepe paper ruffles....
handmade by one of Susan's favorite people 
Ann-Denise of Whim and Fancy Designs.

Susan said she likes farmhouse style decor....
Victorian ephemera, vintage cards and shabby chic.
Pictured you see a vintage Mother's Day card,
 buttons, and lace.  Also a little shabby chic
 Mother's Day party package!!!

 This sweet lady was an educator,  teaching kindergarten.  These darling boxes I am sure will remind her of the precious little ones 
she once taught to read and write.  
Thank you Susan for your dedication in education.
Tucked in each box...some
fairy glitter and a shout out to Susan's home state,
 a little TX souvenir plate.

 Eyelash ribbon trim, a brass key and a little sack full of  vintage look postcards.

 More vintage Mother's Day cards.....
one for Grandma and one for Susan to share
with her daughter.

Happy Mother's Day Susan!


  1. Love the box you designed!! Everything is so pretty!! I bet she loved it!! :) xo Holly

  2. So pretty!! This was such a fun swap!

  3. I can only imagine how much she loved her Mother's Day box. What a great swap, I bet she was excited to receive such a pretty box full of little treasures!


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