Thursday, May 9, 2013

Country Sampler 1999 : Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday!

Wow... have things changed in 14 years.
 Many moons ago......this is what I did!!
I loved felt and still do.   I designed felt
craft projects...selling my patterns and kits in 
the magazine Country Sampler.  They were such a wonderful group to work with.  Remember this
is way before we all had blogs and websites.  
No, email....all my orders were done through the mail.
Now of course, they have a wonderful website along with their time tested magazine!

 Country Sampler  Oct/Nov 1999 

 I also gave workshops and classes.  
 It was a lot of fun and I met so many creative and wonderful people during this time.   
I have some "vintage"  photos of those classes. 
 I will share those another time.


  1. I sold many a stuffed bunny back in those days!

    I have your little red inspiration kit. Do you want me to drop it by Paper Crown, or meet you somewhere?


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