Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Moments of May......

Special moments in May........
I have so many special friends that are having such wonderful events in their lives this month.  They are all precious mothers that have done such a wonderful job raising amazing children.
Anita's son Nathan graduated from OU last weekend and will be getting married next month.
Sheri, who just had one of her daughters graduate from college on a soccer scholarship.  Linda, whose daughter just graduated from TCU with honors.  Cindy whose son is graduating from high school was just given a community service award and won our states soccer championship this past weekend.  
It is such a joy to sit back and watch as these women enjoy the fruits of their labor and love!!
Celebrate....you deserve it!!
Happy Moments of May to YOU all!!  


  1. Bobbie that was so sweet of you. You did pretty well yourself. Savannah is such a talented photographer and what a precious mom. Great job mom!

  2. Thank you, Bobbie...Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

  3. Thank you, Bobbie! Happy Mother's Day to you too!


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