Monday, May 20, 2013

Moore, Oklahoma

To our family and friends ....
Randy and I were in Moore, Oklahoma at our daughter's when the tornado hit just 1/2 mile south of her home.  We took cover in her storm shelter.
Our children are good and homes are intact.  However, several friends and in-laws families have lost their homes.

The above photo was taken by our son just after the tornado.  The young man in the photo is Joey, our son's best friend.  He and his precious son rode the storm out in their basement. As you can see his home
 is a loss, but I am happy to report 
his family of three is safe and now together.
 There are so many others hurting with the loss of loved ones tonight.  Please keep Oklahoma in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. So thankful that you all were safe, I can only imagine how scared you were.
    My heart is so full of sadness for all of the ones who did suffer damage or the loss of loved ones. Continued prayers.

  2. I cant imagine the fear and loss, and very thankful you and yours are safe. Sending prayers to all ... and some money to the Red Cross. Sure wish there was more I could do ! Elaine in TN

  3. How sad, thankful and glad you and your family are ok. Thoughts and prayers for the people in Oklahoma <3 xo Holly

  4. How very devastating. all these people with so much loss. I have and will continue to pray.
    Im so glad you and your family are ok. xoxo

  5. So happy you all are ok! Been thinking about you!

  6. Oh my gosh, Bobbie. Thankfully you are all okay. xoxo


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