Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Honey do....

Mister, Mister helped with a fast before & after today.

 My flower cart was in need of some new paint and top....he looked no further than our back patio.  

Our friend who knows that I will take just about anythingleft this pallet on our patio last week.
Husband was less than thrilled.


However, when he noticed today that it would fit perfectly on top of my cart meant he didn't have to spend a dime or build a new top himself.

Now, just
trying to decide whether to add a tiny bit of gingerbread trim?
With some help from picmonkey
this is what it would look like....

Some sanding and a little paint and it is as good as new.


  1. what a thoughtful neighbor! :-) I love how you used the pallet, and some trim would just be the finishing touch! (I love PicMonkey!) Your blog is lovely, and your creative posts are inspiring. I just became a new follower and would love for you to follow me:

  2. What a very cute cart!!! I think it looks cute with the trim! :) Either way it will be darling! :) Have a great day! xo Holly

  3. Very cute! Also love your new banner!

  4. wonderful cart! pallets are big right now. people are using them for all sorts of neat stuff. I do love the picmonkey trim by the way! and speaking of picmonkey, are you using the free form or have you purchased the upgrade. I loved it when it was all free.. It bothers me that it isnt now! oh well..
    love your cart and have a great weekend

  5. Your cart looks great!! Your husband a wonderful job! Does the pallet make it very heavy??


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