Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Susan!

 When I was pared with Susan, we emailed each other.  After a couple of emails it was clear to me that she is a wonderful mother and grandmother.  She spends several days a week helping with her
 precious grandbabie's at her daughters home.

 So,  I decided early on to have a  
Mother's Day theme in Susan's honor!!!

Lower left hand corner of the box...
glittered crepe paper ruffles....
handmade by one of Susan's favorite people 
Ann-Denise of Whim and Fancy Designs.

Susan said she likes farmhouse style decor....
Victorian ephemera, vintage cards and shabby chic.
Pictured you see a vintage Mother's Day card,
 buttons, and lace.  Also a little shabby chic
 Mother's Day party package!!!

 This sweet lady was an educator,  teaching kindergarten.  These darling boxes I am sure will remind her of the precious little ones 
she once taught to read and write.  
Thank you Susan for your dedication in education.
Tucked in each box...some
fairy glitter and a shout out to Susan's home state,
 a little TX souvenir plate.

 Eyelash ribbon trim, a brass key and a little sack full of  vintage look postcards.

 More vintage Mother's Day cards.....
one for Grandma and one for Susan to share
with her daughter.

Happy Mother's Day Susan!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Vintage Swap

Elizabeth of Creative Breathing had a Vintage Swap of which I was lucky enough to be part of. 
 Elizabeth pared me with Susan....though she doesn't
have a blog herself, she enjoys visiting those that do.  So, I am posting photos of what she sent me and of what I sent her ....per Elizabeth's request.
I am posting what Susan sent to me first. 
 Look at the goodies she was so kind to send.....

 I opened a plain brown shipping container to this lovely embellished box.
Oh, notice how the box was
tied to together and partially opened.  That's 
because it was so full.  So so sweet and over the top.

I tried to take the photos in layers
as I removed them from the box.   

 How did she know...vintage wedding photos...my favorite...floral...paper and crochet dolies
Fun vintage inspired gift wrap...antique 
Christmas cards, die cut paper embellishments....and more.
 Next layer:  Ribbon, lace, ribbon, lace, buttons and ribbon....oh my goodness...so much goodness!!

Bottom layer.....
So much for one to take in....
Such a wonderful
Thank you so much Susan for your kindness. 

As soon as I know that Susan has opened her box I will post those photos of her Vintage Swap Box. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

From this day forward....

 Last Thursday night we had a group of ladies
create some really sweet shadowboxes.

Debbie and Lisa added photos of some of their favorite moments from their weddings and anniversaries.  

Each one as special as the other.  
 They were all just beautiful!
Thank you for a wonderful evening.

The above Wedding Shadowbox is the original one I made for my parents several years ago.  
Yes, that's them on top!

Have a great week. 
Best Wishes,

Thursday, April 18, 2013

To Have and To Hold 

I have four kits available!

This shadow box measures 14 X 17 and features
lots of personalization, vintage linens and
jeweled embellishments. 
 For information on ordering a 
please email me at:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I've joined an altered book club. 
There are 20 of us that meet once a month at the Paper Crown Paper Arts store in OKC.   We all chose an old book to use.  Each month we exchange books and create a special page for one another.

A theme or color is chosen.  The month of March it was Turquoise.  With that you are sent on your way to create whatever you would like for that month's book partner. 

My book exchange partner for the month of March was Debbie (on the left above).  She and  Lisa are great friends and even bigger supporters of the classes at Paper Crown.

Using turquoise colored retro camera and photo album as a theme.  I chose to use photos we had taken after classes of them and their classmates. 
As she opened the book, she saw a camera where you pull slightly on the photograph and it slides out as if it were a Polaroid pic.  And on the right side a photo flip book of them at various classes. 

You can't believe the talent in that one room.  During the evening we have a show and tell.

Each one of us takes a turn showing the book we worked on during the month.  Sharing any techniques or tips we might have for what we had done to complete that months book pages.

There are more WOW moments in that room....amazing what these talented people create each month.

 We are all becoming fast friends and learning a little more about each other at the book gatherings.
 There are several women driving as much as 3 hours to be a part of this creative group of people.

Each month I am going to try to share the book I worked on along with photos of the pages of my book done by others.  Let me tell you they are Fantastic!!!

Thank you Cindy for pulling together such a wonderful group!!

Monday, April 15, 2013


I have been meaning to post these photos
 of one of our latest projects forever 
We have been doing a little
remodeling/redecorating in the master bedroom.

We started with the headboard.
I loved it when we got it several years ago.  
But we needed a change...so
 instead of purchasing a new headboard
we repurposed the old one.
Randy disassembled the heavily craved posts

and removed all the center iron work.
"To be used in another project soon"

He painted the frame a beautiful creamy white.
Then added some smaller posts to the end caps, painting them as well. 

Joining two sheets of poster board together I had
here at the house.  Then drawing around the frame
to make a pattern. 

We covered the cutout poster board with a foam pad.
Wrapped it in a linen fabric.  Randy attached it to the backside with small nails.

 So much.....