Friday, January 17, 2014

The dishes are stacking up.....

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The dishes along with everything else that is, have taken a back seat to playing with my new pens and doodling.  And it is all Robins fault! Robin is a very talented and creative friend that I have met through Paper Crown, OKC.   She has been posting her amazing doodling on instagram and her darling blog.  Each one has a  famous quote or saying along with her sweet doodling.  I look forward each day to see what she has to offer her audienceThe words that she shares in her doodles I am sure are carefully selected and well thought out.   She is my inspiration...and the reason nothing...nothing has gotten done in the past two days!!
 As you will see below........
my doodles are a bit on the silly side!

Our daughter and her family announced to everyone yesterday that they are expecting their 2nd child in July.

Me, of course....I'm always always chasing!

Thank you Robin for your doodles. I'm afraid if not for you...these pens that were purchased two months ago would still be sitting unused.  

 If you haven't heard yet.....Cindy has some exciting news to share over at Paper Crown OKC.
Check it out!!!

Happy Weekend....Best Wishes,


  1. Love your doodles, and what exciting news for your family! So happy for you!

  2. Bobbie! I *love* your doodles! The colors, the fonts... Just Wow!

  3. Ha! I will take that blame! Girl, all I want to do is color!,,,,

    Your pages are beautiful.

    Congratulations on another lucky baby to have you!

  4. Congratulations Bobbie!!!!!
    GrandBabies are the GREATEST!!!!!
    Guess What?????
    You ARE INSPIRING ME!!!!! ;)

  5. I love it and this is so funny I did a Zentangle class in Dallas two weeks ago and I am a doodling queen lately.


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